HEYClip™ Locking Releasable Wire Clips
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HEYClip™ Locking Releasable Wire Clips


  • Adhesive-Back Mount Standard or Adjustable - Adhesive backing on part has a tab for easy removal. - Releasable and reusable clips for easy wire bundle routing. - Quick and easy installation–simply peel off backing and press into place. - Multiple sizes for bundles from .19˝ (4,7 mm) to 1.50˝ (38,1 mm) in diameter. - Static Loads pertain to parts fastened to a flat, clean, and dry surface. - Three sizes in Super Adhesive Black.
  • WCLP Series: - Gather and route wires. - Adjust to diameter needed to bundle. - Push mount design allows for fast installation.
  • WCLA Series: - Lock securely and easily. Re-open for routing changes. - Ratcheting clip holds bundle securely in place. - Good for high vibration applications. Once closed the clip will not open until tab is released.

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