Heyco® Halogen and Phosphorus-Free 94V-0 Hole Plugs
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Heyco® Halogen and Phosphorus-Free 94V-0 Hole Plugs

Heat Stabilized • Self Extinguishing • Nontoxic • UV Resistant
Mounting Hole Diameter Range: .187˝ (4,7 mm) to 2.000˝ (50,8 mm)


  • Molded from a nylon material which, in the event of a fire, will not burn and will not produce toxic gases. Also formulated for sunlight resistance.
  • Close unneeded panel holes.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Convex, matte finish head tapers to a thin edge (Except HFP-187 glossy finish).
  • Lock firmly into panel up to .125˝ (3,2 mm) thick.
  • Locking fingers in fractional increments up to the maximum panel thickness.
  • Approximate Head Thickness: .062˝ (1,6 mm). Thickness may vary.
  • Multiple sizes for use in .187˝ (4,7 mm) to 2.000˝ (50,8 mm) diameter holes.

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