Heyco® Metric Ergonomic Plugs
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Heyco® Metric Ergonomic Plugs

For Panel Thickness from 0,8 mm (.03˝ ) to 2,0 mm (.08˝ )
Mounting Hole Diameter Range: 14,5 mm (.57˝) to 34,0 mm (1.34˝)


  • Close unneeded sheet metal panel holes, ergonomically.
  • Flush button head style.
  • Quick, easy installation; quick, easy removal, too.
  • Heyco Metric Ergonomic Plugs offer greater versatility because their pliable nature allows one plug size to fit a variety of different sized holes.
  • UV resistant material allows plugs to be suitable for outdoor exposure (sunlight resistant).
  • Available in multiple sizes from 14,5 mm (.57˝) through 34,0 mm (1.34˝) diameter holes.

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