Heyco® Original Strain Relief Bushings (Internal Radii)
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Heyco® Original Strain Relief Bushings (Internal Radii)

.500˝ (12,7 mm) Mounting Holes


  • Extra body length with flex-protecting internal radii.
  • Wider approved wire range than typical 4-series Strain Reliefs; SR 4A-6 features a 1,0 mm locking slot for Thin Panels.
  • Absorb forces of pull, push, and twist, to protect the electrical lifeline of your application.
  • For maximum flex protection, see Bell-Mouth and Pigtail Strain Reliefs on pages 4-23 and 4-24.
  • Securely anchors, insulates and protects cables at panel entry points.
  • To assemble SR 4A-6 use Part No. 0021 R 291 Pliers, designed for .040˝ (1,0 mm) panel thickness, or semiautomated equipment.
  • To assemble SR 4N-6 and SR 4K-6, use Part No. 0022 R 29 Pliers, or semi-automated equipment.
  • Use Mounting Holes Plug Part No. 2491 to standardize panel design where the Strain Relief is not required.

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