Heyco® Original Strain Relief Bushings (Pigtail)
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Heyco® Original Strain Relief Bushings (Pigtail)

Pigtail with Integral Nylon Spring, for Flat and Round Cables


  • Integral nylon spring eases the cable into a lazy bend; prevents sharp bending and assures longest cable and product life.
  • Adds reliability, longevity, and safety. Will pass CSA’s 50,000 cycle vacuum cleaner test (C22.2 No. 67).
  • Protects the lifeline of your electric/ electronic products by absorbing the forces of pull, push, twist, and flex.
  • Securely anchors, insulates, and protects cables at panel entry points.
  • Not recommended for applications where the power supply cord is subject to whipping or jump rope type motion.
  • Corresponding Mounting Hole Plugs which can be used to fill blank/unused Mounting Holes and thus allow for a single panel design for multiple applications.
  • Consult Heyco for other wire types and sizes.
  • SR assembly tools and Double D Mounting Hole Punches available.

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