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Heyco® Pry Out Plugs


  • Heyco® Pry Out Plugs:
    Standard Finger Design. Mounting Hole Diameter Range: .250˝ (6,4 mm) to 2.500˝ (63,5 mm). POP in closures for pipe and tubing ends. Retaining fingers without locking steps provide friction fit and allow removal of plug. Bumper protection. Flat, matte finish head. Multiple sizes for use in .250˝ (6,4 mm) to 2.500˝ (63,5 mm) diameter holes for panel thickness up to .250˝ (6,4 mm). Approximate Head Thickness: .062˝ (1,6 mm).
  • Prong Finger Design:
    Mounting Hole Diameter Range: .187˝ (4,7 mm) to .375˝ (9,5 mm). Flexible and tapered prongs on plug will snugly lock in place with fingertip pressure, but can be removed & reused. Durable and non-conductive. Excellent dust protection for electronic equipment. Abrasion and vibration resistant. May be used as temporary or permanent hole plugs. Function as feet on small appliances. May be used to close tube ends.

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